Pricing & Packages

30 Minute Family.

30 Minutes
60+ images delivered in a private digital gallery
Travel within 20 miles of Castle Rock
*price is based on a nuclear family. More family members may be included for an additional $25/person.


1 Hour Family or Engagement.

1 Hour
2 outfits
60+ images delivered in a private digital gallery
Travel within 20 miles of Castle Rock


High School Senior.

1 Hour
3 outfits
60+ images delivered in a private digital gallery
Travel within 20 miles of Castle Rock



Up to 2 Hours
3 outfits for newborn
60+ images delivered in a private digital gallery
Travel within 20 miles of Castle Rock
Recommend shooting newborns 2-3 weeks after birth


Newborn + Maternity Bundle.

1 Newborn Session.
1 Maternity Session.
Booked at the same time for $100 off total.


First Year of Life Package

First Year Package
Maternity - $350 value
Newborn - $550 value
4 months - $350 value
8 months $350 value
1 year old - $350 value

Total = $1,950 ($500 off when bundled for a First Year Package)

Total for 5 sessions: $1,450



One Location
1 Hour
60+ Images delivered in a private digital gallery
Travel within 20 miles of Castle Rock



$175 per person, 15 minutes. Image purchasing is separate:
*3 images = additional $25
*5 images = additional $40  
*10 images = additional $80
*20 images = additional $125
Travel within 10 miles of Castle Rock


Event Photography.

Please inquire for custom event photography pricing. Prices are dependent on number of people, travel, number of images, etc.

Base pricing:
$500 per hour
20 Miles Within Castle Rock (.70 cents per additional mile driven)



If I secured a 2023 date during 2022 pricing, will you honor 2022 pricing?

Absolutely. If an inquiry was made and a date was secured prior to 2023, I will honor the 2022 pricing for our secured session.

Do we get to pick the images we want?

At this time, image choosing will not be an option. As the photographer, I will use my best professional judgement on which images to deliver. Trust me, there will be plenty to love and choose from!

When should I book fall family photos?

This is my #1 asked question! Here in Colorado, I highly recommend booking fall family photos from August-mid October. Though August may seem early, I recommend booking your family session (especially with little kids) while the weather is still warm! Happier littles, a lot more smiles, and good memories for your kiddos.

If I want peak fall foliage in my photos, when should I book?

This is a tough question. Here in Colorado, I can give you a rough estimate of when the leaves usually start to turn. However, an early snow could come - and the foliage could end a lot quicker than projected…meaning not as much foliage as planned for your session. Though foliage photos are not guaranteed, I would recommend booking from late September to Mid-October for best foliage results.

Do you have location recommendations?

Yes! I have an entire list of near and far locations! I have a variety of options with trees, fields, mountains, rolling hills, red rocks, etc. We will discuss location after a session date is secured!

Do you have outfit suggestions? Or, color suggestions?

Yes! I have a document with linked outfit recommendations and a document with color coordination suggestions for any client interested. I am more than happy to send that over after our session is secured!

Can we bring our dog to our session?

Absolutely! I’d love that. If your dog is more on the hyper side, I recommend bringing a leash and potentially having someone there to help with the dog. Bringing dog treats is also a great idea!

Can my senior do a joint senior session with friends?

Yes! I’d be happy to do a joint friend group senior session. In short, each senior is invoiced separately - but discounts are given when multiple are booked at one time. Inquire for custom senior session group pricing!

What are your most popular dates booked in advance?

Saturday/Sundays in September and October! These book well in advance. If you’re in need of a fall WEEKEND date, I would book this no later than July.

When should I secure a fall date?

I would book a fall family session before or by July. This will help secure the date/day of the week you are hoping for!

When is my deposit due to hold my session?

I require 100% upfront cost. After the invoice and contract is sent, you will have one week to complete the invoice in order to hold your time/date. Should a client cancel our session more than one week before the agreed upon date, the client will be refunded 100% of the session cost. If the client requests to cancel this session after 72 hours before agreed upon date, 50% deposit will not be refunded. If a client fails to show to the session, the entire payment will be forfeited.

What do you do in case of bad weather?

Colorado has serious weather extremes, and each month comes with its own challenges. If your session is scheduled outdoors, and it rains that day, we will certainly work with you to reschedule or move your session indoors. I don't move sessions more than 24 hours ahead of time for most weather related forecasts, since Colorado weather isn't always accurate more than 24 hours ahead (and even sometimes 2 hours ahead!)

Some seemingly bad weather makes for great cloudy overcast skies are an awesome time for photos, and snow makes for gorgeous backdrops. So don't be disappointed if the sun isn't shining, your photos will be awesome. In the winter, there is always a chance of extreme cold or snow. We do photograph outside year round, which means to prepare for inclement weather! The same with heat in the summer, as Colorado can be very hot. In the summer, we will always photograph in the shade, so keep that in mind when you are worrying about heat.

All weather related cancellations are up to my discretion, as we live in a state where most days you won't get a perfect 70 degree day...but we can still get awesome photos. Statistically speaking only about 20% of my photos shown on the website or social media are going to occur during "perfect" weather conditions. In the case of a reschedule due to extreme weather, I will provide alternative dates for the client to reschedule based on availability and do everything I can to reschedule you within the next 30 days. No reschedule due to weather is guaranteed. If the dates provided do not work for the client, 100% of the deposit will be refunded.

When can I expect an email or text message response?

Communication is key when scheduling sessions! I do my best to respond within 24-48 hours to any emails, given that I am in office. Voicemails/calls can take longer to respond, simply because of my schedule. Please inquire via my website or email, as social media messages often go missed/unseen.