meet carly

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Carly and I am a 20-something-old wife, mama of 2 (Frankie and Ridge), former third grade teacher, and lifestyle photographer. Similar to most people who call Colorado home- I am a recent transplant from the peach state, Georgia. A good ole' Georgia peach that uses the word "y'all" but is proud to call Castle Rock, Colorado home.

A little bit about me: Outside of finding joy behind the lens, you can find me labeling bins in my home for no apparent reason (my way of feeling “organized”), at TJMaxx rummaging through the isles aimlessly, binge watching some murder mystery series on Netflix, or ordering useless things on Amazon. I am unashamed that my house often looks cleaner on social media than it does in person, and I love a good fast food meal. I am loud, a little crazy...and I love my people hard!

The heart behind my Business

When I started my photography business - I knew that I wanted the heart of my business to be grounded in loving and serving people from behind the lens. My goal is to make people feel comfortable, confident and valued. After becoming a mama - I became all too familiar with how fast the days and minutes go. I quickly learned that pictures of my little babe were the return ticket to moments otherwise gone - and I hold those pictures so near to my heart.